Why Me?

Why Me?

In life, there are times when life can be shit and get you down.

There may be a tendency to think of yourself as a victim. Feel sorry for yourself.

In my opinion and from my own experience this isn’t the case. It is just how the “cookie crumbles”.

Maybe that is not what you want to hear but never mind I am going to say it anyway.

Life sucks, sometimes. 

Flip the coin the other way and think to yourself, what am I meant to learn from this experience?

As Dr Wayne Dyer once said, “change your thoughts, change your life”. 

Change you’re PARADIGM.

As the song says “always look on the bright side of life” or “every cloud has a silver life.”

So if you’re struggling to make sense of life, GIVE ME A CALL. I CAN HELP. 

I have been there myself. YOU’RE NOT ALONE. GET IN TOUCH.