What is Nutrition?

Good question!

According to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, the definition of Nutrition is the process by which living things receive the food necessary for them to grow and be healthy.

In my terms, Nutrition is what you eat for the body and its ability to function at its best.

Notice I never used the word Diet. Diet conjures up too many people, restrictions.

Remember that you are what you eat as they say.

Wellbeing4Life aims to help you decide what you need to eat to be your best for life, your training regime, or general well-being.

No foods are out of bounds as long as you understand by listening to your body, feeding it nutritiously and what you need to eat to curb your desires. Nothing wrong with a little bit of what you like.

We are looking for a lifestyle change, not a calorie-counting way of eating. It is easy to continue  when you’re enjoying what you’re doing or eating. When something is too restrictive, you will get bored and will fall off the wagon. That’s not what you want.

Consistency is what you need to aim for. Of course, you may find it a struggle because it is not your standard behaviour patterns; however, we are looking at new lifestyle changes, which can take time to adapt to. It is more advantageous to lose weight slowly over time, rather than quickly as you can.

Ask yourself this question. How long did it take to gain unwanted weight?

It probably took some time and crept up on you without you noticing. Were you surprised or shocked? It doesn’t matter now. The past is something to use as evidence of what not to do anymore. In the future, once you have achieved your desire outcome, it will be easier than you think. Keep up the new lifestyle, and you’ll manage to maintain your body transformation. Go back yo your old habits; you will be back to where you started.

The Romans didn’t build Rome in a day, so don’t expect your body transformation to be an overnight achievement.

Anything worth doing is worth doing correctly.

Don’t think about it, or say I’ll do it tomorrow. ACT now.
Make the call and take ACTION.