How much is it?

I recently spoke to a prospective client regarding joining my Circuit training boot camp. The response I received was typical of many.

After talking through her goals and motivations for her wanting to start an exercise regime and how much value I could be to her, the 64 million Dollar question arose.

“How much is it”

This question never ceases to amaze me. It always comes down to money. I do understand that people do have budget constraints, so her reply did not shock me at all. It just confirmed to me that some people don’t value themselves enough as opposed to their worldly possessions. No problem from on that front but then again I don’t want to hear excuses either.

I told her the price of the three-month plan, which was payable monthly. She said she could not afford it, what with her phone contract, bus fares, and other monthly outgoings.

Now I know I am not as cheap as some or as expensive as others, but I know my worth. Pay as you go sessions, I don’t do. I never understand why people train now and again. Better than nothing, I suppose but not getting you very far.

I started this boot Camp, really to show my skills and knowledge and to gain peoples trust. Their progression is worth more to me that a £ note. Of course, I have to earn money. I have my bills to pay. However, I give for the greater good for me, and their progression is priceless. Also, when they see their results, they will sign up for longer. Hopefully!

She said that she would think about it and get back to me.
I knew from her body language and demeanour she wouldn’t sign up. A couple of days later, she called and told me what I already knew. She couldn’t afford it and would sign up to a local gym I knew that had recently opened. She signed up to one of those 24-hour gyms that are dirt cheap. I wished her good luck and went on my merry way.

Sometimes I wonder how far along her journey she is. Not very far down the road. Better to use good navigation if you don’t know the way. I hope she hasn’t got lost and isn’t struggling to find her way back.

One thing for sure is that people will do or pay for items that are most important to them. As Stephen Covey once said, “do the first things first.”

Take care and better health to you all.