Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Do you ever judge?

When I tell people, I am a personal trainer I get the obligatory look up and down.

I presume I know what they are thinking or I could be paranoid.

Maybe, if you were to meet me, you may have that same preconceived idea of what you would expect a personal trainer too look like.

I certainly don’t look like the archetypal personal trainer. They tendf to be ripped to shreds. Biceps bulging. Abdominal muscles that you could you use for an old fashioned washboard that mums used to scrub all the dirty clothes on.

NO. I don’t have that type of body. Well, not yet at least.

However, I have one question to ask of you to contemplate.

“Does this guy know what he is talking about”.

If you are looking for a personal trainer, chances are I know more than you do. I am continually looking to expand my knowledge as you never stop learning in this field.

Research is being carried out by a lot more intelligent people than me. New answers to age-old questions are found every day. What’s best? Does this work more efficiently? How many reps to get the best results?.

It is a minefield. That’s why you should never judge someone. By all means, ask questions,  lots of questions. That’s when you can make a judgement. Will this person help me to get where I need to go? Will I be better tomorrow than I am today?

Ok, so I may not have the body. However, I have other strengths, lots of them. I am someone who listens, someone who has empathy. Someone who Motivates and will Encourage you to be the best you can be.  Why? Because I care. I know it is a cliche,  a bit corny but honest and genuine is how I view myself.

That’s what makes a good PT.

Give me a call and find out for yourself.

Take care, and I wish you well.