How much is it?

I recently spoke to a prospective client regarding joining my Circuit training boot camp. The response I received was typical of many. After talking through her goals and motivations for her wanting to start an exercise regime and how much value I could be to her, the 64 million Dollar question arose. “How much isView Full Post »

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Do you ever judge? When I tell people, I am a personal trainer I get the obligatory look up and down. I presume I know what they are thinking or I could be paranoid. Maybe, if you were to meet me, you may have that same preconceived idea of what you would expect a personalView Full Post »

Why Me?

Why Me? In life, there are times when life can be shit and get you down. There may be a tendency to think of yourself as a victim. Feel sorry for yourself. In my opinion and from my own experience this isn’t the case. It is just how the “cookie crumbles”. Maybe that is notView Full Post »