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You’re here because you have finally decided to make the changes you have so long desired. You want to get the body you desire. You want to look great in your clothes and walk with confidence and feel great in your own skin.

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Wellbeing4life is here to help to achieve your GOALS! and to help you get the results you have so long craved.

Everyone wants instant results, but what you should be pursuing are sustainable, achieveable results. These are only achieved by adopting a holistic approach – one that deals with every aspect of nutrition, diet, fitness and relaxation.

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– Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
– Level 2 Gym Instructor
– Nutrition Advisor
– ITEC Holistic Massage Therapist





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My name is Martin Mustafa and this is our new shiny website and blog. You’ll soon be hearing lots from me as I share my experiences, tips and advice on everything related to  nutrition, weight management and fitness, all geared towards helping you look and feel your... read more

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Personal Training
If you want to stay motivated, get real fitness results and get them on schedule, a personal trainer will help make all of this happen. Find out more

Nutrition Advice
Nutrition is a vast subject and everywhere you look, there seems to be conflicting advice as to what is good for you, and what isn’t. The truth is, when it comes to nutrition, everyone’s needs differ. Find out more